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Zhongshan Haocheng participated in the formulation of CCMA standards
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Date: 2019-09-03
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Our company has been focusing on the development of industrial vehicle charging equipment since established in 2005. There is an urgent need to develop the above two standards.

Our company has been focusing on the development of industrial vehicle charging equipment since established in 2005. Based on more than 15 years long time experience accumulation and technology development in power electronics, the GGCF series lithium battery chargers was launched. This series of products are highly mature and reliable, which can meet customer requirements of effective and safe charging. The mean time between failure of this series of products are more than 10,000 hours, and there are over 10,000 units serving worldwide.

pplications include logistics and warehousing vehicles, sanitation vehicles, airport special automobiles, golf carts, aerial work vehicles and other electric industrial or non-road vehicles, which meets the environmental requirements, energy-saving and sustainable concept.

The GGCF series products are certified by TUV-CE and our company has passed ISO9001 certification to create greater value for customers by providing quality products and professional service.


Based on the above advantages, our company will actively participate in the formulation of China's construction machinery industry Association standard Industrial Vehicles Off-Board Conductive Charger (Plan No.: 2019020) and Lithium Ion Batteries and Systems for Industrial Vehicles (Plan No.: 2019021) this year, together with Shaoguan BYD Industrial Co., Ltd. and other enterprises in the industry, according to the arrangement of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association group standard revision work plan, and comply with the development trend of the industry.


In recent years, the awareness of domestic environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction has gradually improved, which boosts the new energyization of industrial vehicles has maintained a good development trend, especially the development of new energy lithium battery industrial vehicles. All major manufacturers in the industry have launched their own new energy lithium battery industrial vehicles started from 2018, and new energy has become the future development trend of the industrial vehicle industry.


However, the current manufacturing quality of industrial products is uneven, which is not conducive to the industry healthy and orderly development. In order to improve product quality and technical level, regulate market economic order, cooperate with special equipment supervision and management, and guide machine manufacturers and market users to select and use products. There is an urgent need to develop the above two standards.


Our company will work with other companies in the industry to revise the standards in line with the domestic industrial vehicle market and contribute to building a conservation-oriented society.

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