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Stood the test of the market - China Forklift Quality Long March in Hocen
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Date: 2019-05-25
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The focus of the research. Haocheng will list the reliability and safety of products as the basic elements of the products, and extend the product to intelligent advancement.

On May 23, China Forklift Quality Long March in Hocen. With the rise of new energy forklifts in the industry, it has also driven the development of related industries. Forklift charger is one of the core accessories of electric forklift. For new energy forklift, the efficiency of the charger is more prominent for the use of forklift. Fast charging, low loss, safety and reliability become the key points of power charger technology. The focus of the research. Recently, the Chinese forklift quality Wanlixing team walked into Zhongshan Haocheng and communicated with the leaders of the company on the development and market application of new energy forklift charging technology.


Zhongshan Haocheng is a manufacturer specializing in high frequency switching power supply. Its leading products include high frequency lithium battery forklift charger, high frequency 10KA DC power supply, high frequency industrial vehicle charger, aluminum oxidation power supply, aluminum profile oxidation power supply, silicon oxide machine, anode. Oxidation power supply, electroplating power supply, high frequency electrolytic copper power supply, high frequency hard oxidation power supply, high frequency electric vehicle charger and so on. Committed to providing safe and reliable power system solutions to industry users. In the communication with Zhongshan Haocheng Wu, we learned that Zhongshan Haocheng has gained recognition from the market and enterprises in the field of new energy forklift chargers, and has made sufficient technical precipitation and market verification in solving the reliability of the charger. At present, the total sales volume of the market has reached 10,000 units. In 2013, the first batch of chargers has been running smoothly for more than 10,000 hours. The two thousand thousand data considerations are the most direct proof of the Haocheng charger, allowing users to have more charge for Haocheng. Awareness. From testing to verification, to understanding, Haocheng chargers match the high-efficiency operation of BYD's new energy forklifts, forming a mature industrial chain combination and giving Haocheng a better development opportunity.


When referring to the product characteristics of Haocheng charger, Mr. Wu mentioned that the company has been involved in the automotive charging technology industry since 2008. Safety and reliability are our unremitting pursuit of products. In addition to product technology, we have considered the products more. Environmental factors, from the beginning of the design will consider the safety and reliability of the product, plus the quality control of the manufacturing process and the design of the process. Currently, quality is still included in the premier meeting focus at weekly quality meetings.


For the development of future charging technology, more software support will be more functionalization of auxiliary products. Haocheng will list the reliability and safety of products as the basic elements of the products, and extend the product to intelligent advancement. For example, reservation charging, scheduled charging during the low electricity price, reducing the user's use cost. A series of technical achievements will play a positive role in promoting the technological progress and industry development of enterprise products.


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