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Haocheng charger escorts lithium battery forklift
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Date: 2018-06-03
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Last year, China's forklift industry reproduces more than expected growth, and all kinds of products and domestic and foreign markets have achieved excellent results.
Last year, China's forklift industry reproduces more than expected growth, and all kinds of products and domestic and foreign markets have achieved excellent results. Faced with the increasingly severe energy situation and environmental pressure, as well as the opportunities brought about by external conditions such as the development of new energy vehicles and the maturity of lithium battery technology, lithium battery forklifts quickly occupied the market with quiet, easy to operate, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and low cost of use. . Lithium forklifts are welcoming the best market opportunities.


As a lithium battery charging device in lithium battery forklifts, lithium battery chargers have emerged with the rapid development of lithium batteries and the rapid application on forklifts. As an important supporting equipment for lithium battery forklifts, with the rapid development of lithium battery forklifts, it will usher in a broad market space. The performance of the charger directly affects the charging energy consumption, the recharge cost of lithium batteries and the service life of the battery.


With the rapid development and scale of the domestic lithium battery industry, lithium battery began to be widely used in the industrial vehicle industry. Zhongshan Haocheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is closely following the trend, and is committed to the development, manufacturing and service of industrial electrical equipment.


Zhongshan Haocheng has 20 years of experience in developing and producing GGCF series high frequency switching power supply, and has built domestic high quality, high reliability and high power power products. Adopting international advanced level IGBT module full-bridge inverter power supply technology, nano-crystalline soft magnetic material transformer is small in size, light in weight, compact in combination, uniform in current distribution and convenient in assembly. Improves the reliability of the power supply and increases the average time between failures of the power supply.


It is reported that the company's lithium battery charger has provided more than 5,000 units to the society and is at the forefront of the industry. 
Lithium battery charger has the following characteristics: 
1. Safe and environmentally friendly. The charger uses a number of advanced converter technology, including DSP processor technology, high-power switching power supply, a variety of hardware and software protection functions, with battery management system to achieve battery safety. 
2. High reliability. The selection of high-quality components guarantees the reliability and stability of the product itself, especially suitable for unattended work. 
3. High current fast charging; now the lithium battery forklift can fill the battery for 1-3 hours, while the traditional lead acid battery takes 7-10 hours to fully charge the battery. The charging time has obvious advantages and greatly improves production efficiency. 
The environment is adaptable and can adapt to complex industrial environments. 
4. Intelligent, the charger exchanges data in real time with the battery management system through CAN-BUS, which can ensure safe and fast charging of the battery. 

GGCF series lithium battery forklift charger has high conversion efficiency, high voltage regulation, high steady current accuracy and advanced transient response index. The output current waveform has small smooth ripple. In addition, due to the high frequency switching technology, the power supply has power saving, easy control and wide. The range is adjustable, the size is small and the weight is light. 
Other functions and parameters   
1, output ripple voltage (no load to full load ripple RMS): ≤ rated voltage × 0.5% 
2. Machine efficiency: When the output current is full load, the overall efficiency is ≥ 92%. 
3. Protection function: input: leakage, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, overcurrent protection; 
output: short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, reverse connection, current backflow protection, temperature protection of the whole machine 
4 reliability MTBF>30000h 
5 Operating temperature: -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C 
6, with CAN-BUS bus and BMS real-time communication.

With the deepening of environmental protection and the rapid decline of the cost of lithium batteries, lithium battery forklifts are recognized by customers in the logistics industry, feed industry, processing and manufacturing industry, food industry, paper industry, etc. More and more industries are gradually accepting lithium battery forklifts. As the indispensable charger for lithium battery forklifts, the demand will also usher in the peak period of development.

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